Establishing a Zoom Account

  1. Request an account. Send an email to
  2. Your invite to Zoom will be sent back within 24-48 hours to your college email account. This email will include directions for setting up your account.
  3. Once your account is set up, you can use this service by going directly to Zoom.

Using Zoom in Canvas

In order to use the integration in Canvas, select the Zoom tab in your course and login with the credentials you set up in Zoom. You will need to select "Authenticate" and then select "Authorize" to allow access to the integration. Once you allow access, you can begin using the integration. Please refer to pages 7-17 in the Canvas App guide for directions on how to schedule and start meetings using the integration in myPHSC.

Additional Features

Record your Zoom Event - Feel free to record your sessions as we do have storage space on Zoom's servers for recordings. At the end of each semester we will ask you to remove your recordings so we don't exceed our storage limit. It's also very easy to download your recordings and save them on your computer should you want to do that during the semester.

You can also attend Zoom Live Training just about every day and view several Zoom One-Minute Tutorials to help you get started with using the platform. You can obtain additional support information by visiting Zoom's Help Center and your students can obtain support by visiting the Zoom Video Communications Technical Support page.