All current PHSC students and applicants have access to a secure customized email address. Supported by Google, this assigned, unique Gmail address serves as the primary student email address used for official College communications. Your student email account includes access to all of the useful Google Apps as well, comprised of collaborative and communication tools. 

Before you can access your PHSC Mail, you must change your default password and set up your security questions. Once you have done this, follow the steps below to access your PHSC Mail:

  1. Log into WISE to retrieve your student email address. It will appear in a format similar to this:
  2. Go to the myPHSC Student Portal.
  3. Enter your username (the first part of your email address before the @ symbol (ex. ABC1234) and password into the myPHSC Student Portal login screen, and click Submit. 
  4. Access your student email by clicking on the Check Email button on the myPHSC Student Portal, or by going directly to the Gmail Login and entering in the first part of your student email address before the @ symbol (ex. ABC1234) and your password.